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An open office space can be noisy and somewhat distracting, most of the time collective conversation within an enclosed space can create an intolerable experience when you are trying to focus on work or just simply want some peace of mind.
The Solution:
The Q-Pod, it is a modular pod perfect for holding meetings, brainstorming sessions, important one on one conversation as well as a place to rest without the disturbance from the busy office. Comfortable and well-ventilated space with great acoustic properties resulting in an increase in efficiency and productivity of employees.
Power and connectivity are also provided to ensure constant electricity supply for your gadgets & direct connection to your office network.

Technical Specifications

  • Acoustic Rating : For Testing
  • Body | Shell : 1.2mm Electro Galvanized Steel
  • External Finishing : Powder Coated Paint
  • Internal Finishing : 9mm Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board
  • Floor Finishing : Fiber Nylon Carpet
  • Glass Door : Aluminum Frame c/w 8mm Laminated Glass
  • Rear Glass : 10mm Laminated Glass
  • Door Lock : Dorma -Class 1 Lockset
  • Power & USB Sockets : AH Meyer Universal Sockets
  • Ventilation Fan : 4 x 120mm Dual Speed Bearing Ventilation Fans
  • Airflow : 71 l/s (257 m3/hr)

Dimensions and Colors

External Dimension:

2200mm (W) x 1200mm (D) x 2170mm (H)

Internal Dimension:

2000mm(W) x 1120mm (D) x 2000mm(H)

Available Body Colors:

White, Gray, Black & Turquoise

Experience the Q-Pod

You can also download our [Brochure & Product Data Sheet] for easy reference.


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