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Peace & Privacy in a pod

High Acoustic Rating

TUV Certified - 32 NIC

Robust Construction

Mainly made of Electro-Galvanized Power coated Steel for durability and minimizes exposure to formaldehyde


Well ventilated interior to keep
user comfortable at all time

Smart Lighting

Motion sensor LED lighting with dimmer to suit everyone’s preference

Movable & Mobile

Ball bearing to roll around open
spaces for ease of mobility

Easy to Assemble

Flat packed & can be up and running
in 1.5 hours

Exstopod™ Individual Pod

The U-Pod is a single person private space suitable for making important calls, focus work and short relaxation. We believe that a quiet and comfortable space will increase the employees’ productivity in the modern open-concept office environment. It can be re-positioned at ease with our mobility system and can easily be dismantled and  relocated with our professional assistance.


The Q-Pod is a modular pod perfect for holding meetings, brainstorming sessions, important one on one conversation as well as a place to rest without the disturbance from the open office. Comfortable and well-ventilated space with great acoustic properties resulting in an increase in efficiency and productivity of employees. Power and connectivity are also provided to ensure constant electricity supply for your gadgets & direct connection to your office network.

Exstopod™ Collaborative Pod

A spacious pod suitable for group meetings, collaborations and discussions that accommodates up to 8 pax. The internal furniture are modular and configurable to serve various functions that is adaptable to office environments and even public spaces. Network port and power supplies are provided for convenience of recharging devices and work meeting collabs. Additionally, the LED light has a dimmer system for adjustment of the brightness level in the pod.

Experience EXSTOPOD™

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