The Ultimate Solution to Noise Pollution


Peace & Privacy in a pod

Easy to Assemble

Flat packed & can be up and running in 1.5 hours

Movable & Mobile

Ball bearing to roll around open spaces for ease of mobility

High Acoustic Rating

TUV - 32 STC / NIC

Smart Lighting

Sensor-based on-off switch with external light in-use function

Robust Construction

We use Powder Coated Electro-galvanized steel

Health & Wellness

Integrated internal air purifier & ionizer
(4th Gen Model)

EXSTOPOD™ Single Person Pod

The U-Pod is a single person private space suitable for making important calls, focus work and short relaxation.
We believe that a quiet and comfortable space will increase the employees’ productivity in the modern open-concept office environment.
It can be re-positioned at ease with our mobility system and can easily be dismantled and  relocated with our professional assistance.

EXSTOPOD™ Dual Person Pod

The Q-Pod is a modular pod perfect for holding meetings, brainstorming sessions, important one on one conversation as well as a place to rest without the disturbance from the open office.
Comfortable and well-ventilated space with great acoustic properties resulting in an increase in efficiency and productivity of employees. Power and connectivity are also provided to ensure constant electricity supply for your gadgets & direct connection to your office network.

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Problem Solved…

I have been receiving complaints about too much noise in our open office, staff cant focus. After installing Exstopod, we reduced noise by 30% and move it around the space with ease. 

- Alex Abrams, VP Call Centrix

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